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Why you should Promote Your Business

Posted by: | February 25, 2016


Why you should Promote Your Business

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What good is it, if you have an excellent product and nobody knows about it? You have to go out there and tell the world, more specifically your target market. The truth of the matter, the Success of your business depends on the number of people you can reach that require your products or services.

You have spent 1 year or two building your products perfecting your service, let the world know you exist (actually let your target market know you exist). If your business solves a particular problem let people know about it.

The big global giants still spend millions on advertising year in year out. To remind people of their products and services.

Remember it is also a mind game. You have to keep reminding people, humans are easily forgetful


Some pointers below, why you should promote your business


i. Successfull advertising guarantees you money money returns. For every $10 or N1000 naira you spend, you get $20 or N2,0000 Naira returns.

ii. Think about it, the established global giants – Microsoft, Apple, Nike, Reebok, Samsung. Despite how popular
there are Globally, still spend millions every year in advertising. There is a good reason why.

iii. Advertising allows you to target your ideal customers

iv. Advertising amplifies whatever you doing.  It can make a small company appear big or massive and  successful. Take advantage.

v. Advertising turns you into a brand and a household name. Think search think google.  Think Phone, think Apple Iphone, Think burger think Mcdonald for Europeans, you get the gist.

vi. Advertising makes you appear credible, your longtime credibility depends on your business dealings with its customers/public.

vii. Advertising helps you reach new customers

viii. Advertising helps you maintain healthy relationship with your current clients. Repeat business is what makes your business stay alive.

ix. Advertising helps your existing and potential new customers know or become aware of your new products and services

x. Advertising is a way of reminding and reassuring your customers


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