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The Election is over, President Buhari have taken over the mantle of leadership in the greatest country in Africa. What has change?
Nothing, lot of noise, anti – corruption, trials, arrest, Biafra, unpaid salary, unemployment,
no hope, no confidence, missing budget, you get the gist.

To be honest the issue is not about this government, it is really about the mindset of 99% of politicians, not forgetting the so call leaders in this oil rich nation. Both past and present.

Quote I stumble upon on Instagram, that sums up the intention, culture or mindset of the politicians.

When a race is guided by greed
The people shall never succeed
In the ……end
The present, the past, the future,
Shall be lost
In time, in place, in purpose
– Agbe Sam

Sadly a enough, this has dripped down to most of the population. You hardly find people or discourse that centers round helping or looking at for ones neighbor, community, state or country.
It is all about grabbing all you can for yourself, while you can. From the political class down to majority of the population.

This have leads us to where we are today. A broken country at a cross road, not forgetting tribalism, religious divide, the tools of division.

The time has come where the youths need to wake up from their sleep.
We have lots of educated mind in the country, how come politicans and the so call leaders have manage to derail the future of so many?
No country is perfect, there is corruption in Europe but yet  the governments still manages to cater for the majority.
The reason is simple, you have lots of citizens who will rise for the majority. They will not be passive or partakein Injustice, tribalism, racism, religious bigots you name it. Even though it does not affect them or their immediate family.
This is what is lacking in Nigeria and Africa. The mindset or the culture of standing up for what is right even though it does not affect you or your family is scarce.

The northern youths need to stand up to the northern leaders, when they  ditch out unfair policies, likewise other parts of the country.

Some of the concern of the Biafra supporters are true but I doubt separation is the answer. It will set a dangerous precedence. Once a region/tribe is not happy, you have to head up the Biafra route.
Our leaders, politicians and the people of Africa can learn from one of the greatest man of our time, Nelson Mandela.

A man who forgives
A man who brought a broken nation together
A man whose not greedy
A leader who only rule for one term
A man who did not steal is nations wealth or transfer the wealth to overseas account
A man whose not selfish
A man who puts country first.
He did all this through Peaceful means.

There is a verse in the bible “If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand”

Nigerian youth look beyond the past and look to the future. The northern youth, south, east and west. We have to collaborate and peacefully destroy this mindset of greed, selfishness, tribalism, north versus south and vice versa. These are the tools use by politicians to divide and rule.

I hope I have manage to provoked the mind of some of the readers.
One Nigeria, in God we Trust.

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