Nigeria sell buy dollars pounds

Nigeria sell buy dollars pounds bitcoins

Nigeria sell buy dollars pounds bitcoins

Do you have dollar pounds to sell or want to buy dollar pound

Sell here to honest people

Buy here from honest people

Only honest  buyers and sellers

If we notice  a user as fake, you will booted off immediately

Before buying or selling ensure the other party is GENUINE!!!

Tthe platform is  for  Nigerians to  sell buy dollars pounds

Let all get busy buying and selling.

If you have bitcoin to sell or buy, you can also drop your details in the comment section  for any interested party to contact you.


Nigeria sell buy dollars pounds  bitcoins here


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Posted by: | December 12, 2016

Posted on: 2016 December 12

Selling & Buying Tips

Our Advice to sellers, is to ensure your advert meets our terms and conditions else we will delete it or pause it.

When selling a product, it is advisable  to take multiple pictures of the items and from different angles to give buyers a good view of the product.

Sellers are advice to use descriptive words to best describe their products. One line or two is not enough. Products with more description will sell quicker than products with less details. Don’t over price your product, enter a reasonable price. Ensure to check your email for messages from potential buyers.

For buyers, remember you are solely responsible for your dealings with sellers. Verify everything before pathing away with your money. Always play it safe.



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Posted on: 2015 June 5