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Nigeria lagos private school

List of Private School in Lagos Nigeria

List of Private Secondary and Pre Teen  School in Lagos

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  1. Regent School Abuja – Euphrates Cres, Abuja
  2. Bloombreed High School. Boskel Road, Off Port Harcourt/Aba Expressway
  3. Lead British International School, Abuja – 2nd Avenue ,Aliyu Mustdafa Street, Wuse 2, Gwarimpa, Abuja –
  4. Norwegian International School, Port Harcourt – 11 Rotimi Amaechi Road GRA Phase III, Port Harcourt, Rivers State
  5. Nigerian Turkish International College – Plot 152, Ahmadu Bello Way By Kashim Ibrahim Way, Wuse 2, Abuja
  6. International Community School, Abuja  – 711 Agadez Crescent, Wuse II Abuja, Federal Capital Territory-
  7. Charles Dale Memorial International School, Port Harcourt – No. 12 Army Range Road, Igwuruta-Eneka,Port Harcourt, Rivers State
  8. Greenoak International School, Port Harcourt –St. Michael’s Crescent,Off Tombia Road Extension GRA Phase Three
  9. Dowen College Lekki, Lagos Adebayo herty Road, Road 14 , Phase 1, Lekki, Lagos
  10. Chrisland College, Ikeja Ladipo Oluwole Avenue
  11. Atlantic Hall, Epe, Lagos – Poka, Epe, Lagos
  12. Corona Secondary School, Agbara – Yenagoa Road, Agbara Estate, Agbara, Ogun
  13. Hillcrest School – 13 Old Bukuru Road. P.O.Box 652, Jos, Plateau
  14. Meadow Hall – Lagos Lekki –
  15. Greensprings School Lagos – 32 Olatunde Ayoola Avenue Lagos
  16. Whiteplains British School – Abuja
  17. Day Water College – Abeokuta
  18. Lekki british international school Lagos –
  19. American International School Abuja –
  20. British International School Lagos
  21. Grange High School Lagos
  22. American International School Lagos
  23. Chrisland College, Lagos   Tel. 234 819 179 1846
  24. Avi-Cenna International School – Ages: 5 to 16
  25. Children’s International School Ages: 2.5 to 16
  26. Lycée Francais Lagos  Ages: 4 to 18
  27. St Saviour’s School Ikoyi   Ages: 4 to 11




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Posted on: 2016 June 6

SEO Checklist for Your Business

SEO the right way

Many business fail to realize the importance of SEO until traffic to their business is low or non existence.

In the true sense of it, SEO should be taking into account when building a site.

SEO is critical if any online business is to succeed.

SEO is making your site search engine friendly and being social in the different social platform be it facebook, Linkedln, pinterest, blogger, Instagram, google plus, twitter, and the rest.

It requires you looking for the group in your subject area and posting content, be it text, images, videos etc.

To some SEO is about circumventing google and bombarding people online with unsolicited mail, messages etc.

Some people go as far as tricking people with inaccurate headlines. When you visit the site, content is different from headlines.

In time the wheat is sort out from the chaff. That is why it is critical to do it the right way. Never be in a hurry.

We know people attention span is so short, to attract and keep people on your site. Your content needs to be relevant to them. Either in an educational sense or entertaining etc

We have created this tips as a guide for new and existing business.

SEO by itself is a vast area, this is just some tips to help your business, if you choose to do things the right way

1. Title Tag
This is indicate what a page is about. This is used by search engines to understand your page content and match it to user search based on google complex algorithms.

Title tags also help users have a quick glance at your content. It is what users see in search result.

Users have few seconds to determine if a search result is useful or not, it is mostly based on title.

2. Duplicate Title
Never give your pages same title, you can get penalize for this. Many people do this, trying to load every page title with same keyword

3. Long title tag.
Your title should not be more than 65 characters. If it is for any reason, ensure most relevant words are written first


Avoid redirects if possible, not good for SEO, when necessary try to limit it.

5. Site Usability
Ensure a user can reach any your relevant contents with 3 click, also helps crawlers crawl your site fast and find relevant content easily

6. Anchor Text
Descriptive anchor text contributes to link relevancy – a big factor in SERP rankings.

It helps crawlers reach other relevant content on your site quickly and users alike.

7. Broken Links
Meaning content not indexed. Check your links, google webmaster have a good tool for this.

8.Long URLs

Generally, the shorter URLs are better. Search engines display URLs as part of search results, long URLs may be cut off and deter users from clicking. Shorter URLs are easier to share socially and are more readable.

9.Duplicate Content

Only one of the content will be indexed and you can get penalize. It is a very lazy thing to do.

10. Meta Description

Provides more explanation than a tile title tag does about content of a page. This also displays in search result. Be mindful of the importance.

11. Too many links

Is a no no. The lesser the better and links must be relevant. Don’t try to outsmart the algorithm.

12. Robots.txt

Is use to give instruction to crawlers on what part of your site to search and what not to. Important to give crawlers access to relevant content.

13. Unfreindly URL

If search engines cant read your url it is bad for SEO

14. Low Word Count
Google use an algorithm to count number of words in a page, few number of word, the lower the SERP ranking.

15. Image Descriptions
This is yet to catch fire, if you get my drift. This is very important, naming your images with relevant words and keywords.

Google now display images in search result.

Very important for SEO

16. Fast Loading site
Users are impatient, ensure your site loads fast or it is not slow. To encourage users to return. Crawlers have designated crawl budgets, so the longer your pages take to load the fewer pages may get indexed.

17 Links from Top Sites
Is your site link to top sites with relevant content and more importantly is there a link back.

18. Social shares
Ensure your content is shared to the major social platform. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, google plus, blogger, LinkedIn etc

This is not an  exhaustive SEO tips. The article will be updated again shortly.


If you require SEO Service


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Speak to us on Live Chat on website



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Posted on: 2016 February 12

Speed up your PC – Fix unresponsive script in firefox

Thanks for stopping by. We all experience firefox unresponsive script everyday. It is very annoying, it freezes the browser, slows down your PC or Mac. Here is a quick fix .

i. Open your firefox browser.

ii. instead of typing the usual, you  will typed about:config

iii.  Click enter

Speed up firefox browser

Speed up firefox browser


iv. Type media.cache.readahead_limit in the search box.

Speed up firefox browser

Speed up firefox browser


v. Look for it on the list displayed,  right click it and change the value to 0.

Speed up firefox browser

Speed up firefox browser

That is it done for firefox. No more annoying inresponsive script.



Posted by: | September 8, 2015

Posted on: 2015 September 8

Simple tips on How to Speed up Windows PC

This simple tips applied to all windows  version.

i.  Ensure you not using IE, it can easily be hacked

ii. If you using Chrome, Firefox or Safari

– Ensure to disable bad Addon or remove them altogether

iii. Remove all toolbars or any one not necessary

iv. Delete your browsing history regurlarly

v. Ensure on windows startup, your firewall and antivirus are the items ticked.

if any other software, starts up on windows boot up e.g skype, etc  This will slow your boot up process

vi. Ensure you don’t have a big image as  desktop background saver

vii.  You can also optimise your computer for fast performance

– Control panel > System > Advanced System Settings > Advanced > Settings > Tick adjust for fast performance

viii.  Uinstall any unneeded software and remember to remove registry entries

– Yes, when you uninstall any software, there is always registries entries left. You can use CCleaner to remove the


ix. If you not running a high version of intel or have a huge hard disk space. Dont install  huge software e.g Graphic software etc

This takes huge ram space when launch and will slow your PC.

x. You can also  defragment overnight

xi. Note, when you hard drive is coming to end of life, it is normally slow. You have to replace it or get a new PC/Laptop.

You cant fix it.


xii. Ensure to run malware or Adware removal occasionally.


If this tips are followed properly, you will definitely increase the speed of your PC/Laptop





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Posted on: 2015 August 16

Info-Tech Blog

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Posted on: 2015 August 1

Educational Phones For Children age 2 and above

This is new and very hot.
Let your child have unfair advantage over their peers by buying them these educational phones that has the largest collection of learning educational videos, audio books, PDF books, mobile Learning apps.
The subjects include: Mathematics, sciences, kiddies motivation, educational games etc.
This is a great opportunity to improve your child’s performance in school exams. With the Educational Phones For Children age 2 and above

Phone features:
Android 4.4
CPU: 1ghz
ROM: 4gb
Memory: 8gb
Dual camera: 5.0MP/3.0MP
Screen: 4″
Price: 15,500 naira
To get copies of this fantastic educational phones call 07064412838 now.
Don’t let your kids spoil your expensive phone for you buy their own edu-phone for them.
Edu-phones comes with 12month warranty.




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Posted on: 2015 August 1

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