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Case Study – Daily Traffic

How we Increased Phone traffic to Ehiroz Roofing Sheet

Since working with Greenaira we have been receiving lots of traffic, but sometimes the current prices scare callers – Ehiros Roofing Sheets.



Ehiros  roofing sheet wanted to increase sales. We  assured him we can send traffic daily traffic to him.

What we did

From our experience we know at the top of the list of most  consumers

  • Product price

  • Product Quality

  •  Reliable seller/Supplier

  • Freebies – Free stuff

  • Support

  • Free information about product

  • The list goes on…..

Bringing in TrafficWe created a Post  about Roofing Sheet in Nigeria and Prices. 


We developed a Roofing Calculator – We offered free estimate to everyone who wanted to buy roofing Tiles.

We provide free  support to daily enquiries on our Live chat.

We developed a Free Roofing Calculator App for any one to download

HUGE TRAFFIC – All this brought huge daily traffic and we pushed them to Ehiros Roofing to do the  supply.

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