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Roofing Sheet Buying Guide – View Prices in Nigeria

Posted by: | November 21, 2016

nigeria roofing sheets lagos state

Roofing Sheet Buying Guide – View Prices in Nigeria

Aluminium roofing sheets is the preferred choice for many home builders for many reason. Status symbol and its quality. The problem of corrosion and leakage associated with zinc roofing sheets is solved with  aluminium.

Aluminium roofing sheet comes in two categories. There is the long span corrugated aluminium roofing sheet and the step tile aluminium roofing sheet. The unique features of the roofing sheet are its diverse colours, textures and thickness. The common colours are red, blue, yellow, green, chocolate and brown.

There is also the polycarbonate roofing sheet, which experts explain has the ability to withstand any change in environment and temperature.

Unlike zinc roofing sheet which is the common feature of houses in many ancient towns in Nigeria, aluminium sheets have become the new roofing trend in many states in Nigeria. Abuja, Lagos, Portharcourt and the other major big cities.

All the three major types of roofing sheets currently in use in the country have their respective merits. The metal sheet, known as the zinc, is the most common sheet and the oldest still in the market. Apart from its comparable low cost, it is strong and has the ability to withstand heat and weight.

Like zinc, asbestos Roofing Sheet is relatively cheap. But what has endeared it to many home owners is its ability to absorb heat and resist corrosion. However, environmentalists insist it is not environmental friendly. Asbestos is banned in many western countries due to health and environmental issue associated with it

In the case of aluminium long span sheet, its primary benefits include beauty, strength, durability and resistance to rust and corrosion.

But Aluminium Roofing sheet is not cheap, it comes at a high cost.  The cost of fitting Aluminium roofing sheet by experts is also high. After paying that much, you don’t want unskilled  roofing contractor  setting up your Roof.  be warned, If not done properly, homeowners can still experience leakage associated with Zinc roofing sheet.

Although aluminum sheets are the latest in roofing technology, asbestos and zinc are still in high demand by those who cannot afford aluminium.


The performance of a roof is measured based on its life span and it’s effectiveness to retain their strength, chemical and physical properties, appearance and resistance to all forms of failure.

Roofing Failures

Most roof failures occur at bolted connections that were either inadequately secured at the time of construction or that have since failed due to deterioration. Some roof designers often fail to take into account a number of design factors such as tolerance and factors of safety and these could result in roof failure. Other factors that could cause failure in roofs are the effects of wind and fire, poor workmanship, age, poor maintenance, height of the building and the use of cheap and substandard materials.The consequences of roof failures are usually devastating to the extent that they sometimes claim lives, and valuable property and possessions can be destroyed.

The most common material used for roof trusses is wood. It is relatively cheap and readily available, and easily worked. These qualities give wood trusses an edge over iron for small- to medium-sized buildings but in larger ones such as industrial buildings, steel trusses are used to provide stability against increased wind loads due to the height of these buildings. .

Alminium Roofing are available in  many different colours, has a very pleasing and distinct appearance, it’s durable, has long span life, no maintenance required, it’s corrosion resistant, it’s not only used for Roofing but also for cladding and flashings. it’s economical to building construction due to it’s light weight, length are tailor made to specifications.

Any questions, do get in touch

NIGERIA ROOFING SHEET PRICES -Bulk purchase may attract discount.




Available Design
Classic – N

Bond – N

Shingle –  N

Roman – N

Ridge cap – N

B.B.C –  N

fascia board – N

treated nails – N

sealant- N

Available Colours

Charcoal black

Coffee brown


Bush Green


Wine with black patches

Black with white patches

Coffee brown with black patches

Available Guage



Aluminum  Long Span per square meter

 0.55 mm thickness  – N

  0.45 mm thickness  – N


Aluminium Step Tile – 

Aluminiun Stone Coated

0.45     – N

0.55     – N

Shingle 0.45mm – 

Shingle 0.55M – 


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nigeria roofing sheet

nigeria roofing sheet

lagos roofing sheets prices

lagos roofing sheets prices



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46 Responses to “Roofing Sheet Buying Guide – View Prices in Nigeria”

  1. Ebere.mathias on September 2, 2016 @ 3:52 am

    Hi, do you guys work in Port-harcourt? If so can I please get a conservative estimate of a standard 4 bedrooms bungalow, with shingles and Aluminium sheets, thanks

  2. I have a small factory I want to roof in Ogun state, close to Lagos. Everything is about 3000 square feet. What’s the estimates for the roofing, 1) using long span 0.45 gauge, long span aluminum, 2) using slates?

  3. I want to know how much is the cost for green longspan sheet 0.45mm first aluminum

  4. Happy new year. please how much is 0.55mm silva longspan aluminium and how can it get to benin city?

  5. I need to no how much it will cost me to aquire 0.45mm aluminiu zinc long one that can cover up three bedroom flat

  6. Can you give the price of stone coated aluminium and the type
    I need for shingle

    • Ezekiel Okike on March 5, 2017 @ 12:43 pm

      Give me your contact in the East especially Enugu and Onitsha. Also current price for shingle 0.55

  7. What is the current price of stone coated aluminium (shingles)

  8. Please, i need to have an idea of an estimate. I have a project of 200 square meter to roof in Ikorodu. I tried to add on whatsapp with the above number but did not connect.

  9. Samuel daniel on February 6, 2017 @ 10:00 am

    Please how much is asbestos now? thanks

  10. Pls I want to know the cost of asbestos in the market now thanks

  11. Please i want to know the best roofing and the price, because my building is in a stage of roofing.

  12. Ezekiel Okike on March 5, 2017 @ 12:48 pm

    Send your contact in the east if any to Also the current price for shingle 0.55thickness Alum long span. for a 5 bed room

  13. Hello, I would like to know how much you sell 0.55 tickness stepped longspan aluminium roofing sheet in Abuja

  14. ESE AKPOSIBRUKE on April 11, 2017 @ 5:03 pm

    Kindly give me quote for 0.45 thickness longspan alluminium roofing sheets (straight). I will like to know the quote from AGEN ALLUMINIUM because I want it in benin. I need it for 600 square meters.


  15. ESE AKPOSIBRUKE on April 11, 2017 @ 5:05 pm

    Kindly give me quote for 0.45 thickness longspan aluminium roofing sheets to cover 600 square meters.

    I prefer quote from Agen Aluminium Benin.


  16. Kindly give me latest price for aluminium step tiles 0.55mm psm

  17. How much is the last price of stone coated for 3 bed flat

  18. Hi,
    My building is about 555msq .
    How much do i need for the coated roofing step tile of 0.45 and the cost of the other accessories that will follow.Location:-Benin city.

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  22. Hello admin, how much will it cost to roof a 3bedroom flat with aluminium roofing sheet,pls I need the estimate 0.55

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