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Nigeria Fuel Scarcity Corruption or Incompetence

Posted by: | April 1, 2016

fuel scarcity buhari nigeria

How can the 6th largest oil producing country be experiencing  fuel scarcity.

Who is to blame?


Pipelines And Products Marketing Company Limited (PPMC)?

Major Oil Marketers Association Nigeria?


i.  There are Claims Govt is  refusing to pay subsidy allowance to major oil marketers

ii. Or why is enough oil not been imported

iii. Lack of distribution strategy or hurdling

The  govt is squarely to blame here, there should have made sure none of this situation arises or

provide a backup plan.

There is huge corruption going on, people selling fuel in the black markets etc

What about  govt anti corruption regime

Corruption and incompetence is our verdict

What has happened to our refineries?

The IPMAN Chairman stated further that Nigeria’s refineries can produce 50-60% of the fuel the country needs but they’ve been shut down for more than a year.

“We have refineries that can refine 450,000 barrels of crude oil per day, that’s millions of litres of refined product,” he said.

“Why are we not using the refineries? Let them use the refineries,” Nkpe said.

An industry insider, who chose to remain anonymous, told Pulse that the relevant government agencies refuse to use the local refineries to produce the country’s needs because there’s much more money to be fraudulently gotten from importing the product.

“They are knowingly boycotting the refineries,” she said. “They make more money with importation due to corruption and fraud,” she added.  source – pulse,ng

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