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How to Stop Violence in Nigeria Politics

Posted by: | March 27, 2016

stop violence in Nigeria politics

The number of people and mostly innocent that have lost their lives to political violence for no reason is frightening. The re-run election in River State has  already  taken the life of few so far.

The question is why is there  so much violence in Nigeria Politics? The answer is obvious money money   money.

This is the number one driving force, political office is  a big investment in Nigeria. If you  able to get into any political office, you  will  have access to LOADS of CASH. Cash meant  to pay  people  salary or develop the community or a state.

Due to lack of  job or investment opportunity, politics is the biggest  avenue  to become  very rich in an instant.

People, groups, communities are ready to do anything to win an election. KILL, Maim, DESTROY, in order to get to a political office.

Due to  the rampant poverty and lack of education. There are many individuals that can be easily brainwash, bought or hoodwink into carrying out some of this deadly act.

What is the Solution?

If we can find a way to take money off political office. Elected officials will have no access to these billions, they will be DECISION makers only.


Appointed Technocrats will be allowed only to sign and deal with money by Law.  If  this can be

implemented, i believe this will reduce  the die Hard altitude to get into political office.

Lets hear what you think guys.

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