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Don’t be a Political tool

Posted by: | April 9, 2016

nigeria political tool lagos

Fellow Nigerians don’t be a political tool for APC or PDP. Rather, we should hold each politician accountable for their activities. Division is the oldest tool in the box to divide and rule.

Whether based on tribal, religious, or geography. Nigerians are well educated, but i notice quite a few can’t go a day without criticizing APC or PDP.  Some people even want a political party to fail,  to prove their theory of the other political party right.

If a ruling party fails, that means millions of Nigerians suffer. We should all route for Buhari to succeed and criticize where necessary.

This fuel crisis have been handled badly. The government deserve some flaks and rightly so.

But criticism, should be geared towards them getting it right.  Not  hoping or wishing they don’t get it right. There by wishing many millions of your fellow Nigerians hardship.

Don’t be a tool. Root for Nigeria to succeed, that is how we can succeed as individuals.



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