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How to identify Natural vitamin

How to identify Natural vitamin

Some consumers  are unaware some vitamins on sell  in the market are synthetic, not natural.  I have made a list  on how to identify Natural vitamin.

Vitamin and mineral supplements may contain labels that are too complicated for you to understand.


Some manufacturers of commercial vitamin and mineral supplements add synthetics to vitamin products

Steps To Identify natural from synthetic



Step 1 – Look at for phrases like 100% plant based not 60% or 40%


Step 2 – Look for the  ingredient source, were there naturally source e.g, fish, vegetable, citrus etc Usually when you cant find this information it means it is synthetic  thats why it was not written.

Step 3 –  Any trace of  these salt ….. acetate, bitartrate, chloride, gluconate, hydrochloride, nitrate and succinate.

Step 4 – Look for letters like  “dl” that appear before the name of an ingredient indicates the supplement is synthetic.


 Step 5 – Look at for  organically derived ingredients

 Step 6 – If you cant distinguish, ask a pharmacist



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Posted on: 2017 September 28

Food supplement good or Bad

Food supplement good or Bad

Taking Vitamin supplement is not part of our daily routine, there has been a general belief that it is good for us. Most people presume our daily meals don’t have the contain all our daily recommended nutrients

But recently there have been studies and peoples experiences. The held belief that vitamin tablets is good for us is now been question.

The health bodies have been criticise for lax regulation etc

Even food experts are divided, some are for and other against..

Besides the obvious role of marketing, why do so many of us allow ourselves to believe that vitamins are good for us with little proof

There’s no denying that prolonged deficiency of certain vitamins can lead to illness and disease. The real question, though, is whether vitamin supplements are good or bad?


If you eat a diet full of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, there’s a good chance you already reach your suggested daily intake. And even if you eat a less-than-stellar diet, many types of processed foods are fortified with vitamins and minerals.

Some individuals at risk for a vitamin deficiency due to a poor diet or a preexisting medical condition should consider supplementing with a multivitamin to address that deficiency.

Different studies have come out with different findings , some below

Is it natural or synthetic Vitamin

–  individuals who took the daily supplement had an increased mortality rate .

–  women who took multivitamin supplements (vitamin C, E, beta-carotene, selenium, and zinc) increased their risk of developing skin cancer .

–  the likelihood of developing lung cancer among smokers .
excessive amounts of vitamin E increased patients’ risk of heart failure .

–  excessive Vitamin E supplementation significantly increased the risk of prostate cancer .

If taking in moderation and natural supplements it can be good for some people, but experts and research have shown excessive intake can lead to harmful consequence.




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Posted on: 2017 September 24

Synthetic Vitamin versus Natural Vitamin

Differences Between Synthetic and Natural Vitamins


We all know vitamins are good  for  our health and to the proper functioning of our bodies.

Natural vitamins are derived directly from plant material containing the vitamin, not produced in a test tube.

The natural  vitamins come in packages with other vitamins, enzymes and minerals that control the way the body recognizes, metabolizes and uses them to make what it needs.

Lack of Vitamin can  lead to different diseases.

Sources –  Food, sunlight, plants,  etc



However, a lot of people are not aware of synthetic Vitamins.

What is a “Synthetic” Vitamin?

Synthetic Vitamins are made in the laboratory to mimic the natural vitamins, the ingredients are not plant based.

Many synthetic vitamins lack the transporters and co-factors associated with naturally occurring vitamins because they have been “isolated.”


Isolated vitamins can’t always be used by the body, and are either stored until you obtain or create the nutrients required to use them effectively or are excreted.

Synthetic vitamins are also devoid of necessary trace minerals and must use the body’s own mineral reserves which may lead to dangerous mineral deficiencies.


Example – The synthetic version of Vitamin E is often referred to as the dl- form. The dl- form is a combination of the d-form (which, by the way, is the naturally occurring form) and the l-form. No big deal, right? Well it might not be, except that the body doesn’t actually use the l-form- we excrete it! I must note here that this applies only to vitamins and not amino acids or sugars. Fat soluble vitamins in their synthetic form are especially dangerous because they can build up in your fatty tissues and cause toxicity. The reason that the synthetic form is more dangerous is because you get a high, concentrated serving of the vitamin rather than the amount that you would get from a food-based form.

Did You Know? More than 95% of all the vitamin supplements sold today fall in to the synthetic category.

How to identify  natural or synthetic vitamin




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Posted on: 2017 September 24

Powerful African Herb super fruits

 Powerful African Herb super fruits

Selim pepper – Senegal pepper

Xylopia aethiopica, commonly called African pepper or Guinea pepper belongs to the family Annonaceae.

Xylopia aethiopica, a plant found throughout West Africa, has both nutritional and medicinal uses. The cloves of the plant Xylopia aethiopica, a member of the custard apple family, Annonaceae, are used as a spice in various traditional dishes of Western and Central Africa. The plant is also used in decoction to treat dysentery, bronchitis, ulceration, skin infection and female sterility.

Goat weed

Commonly called goat weed and billy goat weed, Ageratum conyzoides L. belongs to the plant family Asteraceae (formerly Compositae).

Ageratum conyzoides has been used in folklore for the treatment of fever, pneumonia, cold, rheumatism, spasm, headache, and curing wounds. It is gastro-protective, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-analgesic, antipyretic, anticoccidial, and anticonvulsant properties have been reported.

Ageratum conyzoides are considered to be antiseptic.


Commonly called scent leaf or tea bush, Ocimum gratissimum is of the plant family Lamiaceae.

Considered cancer-fighting potential of scent leaf extracts and  the anti- proliferation activity of  prostate cancer (PC-

sausage tree

It’s  antibacterial activity and its cytotoxic effects against cancer cell lines. These are related to the traditional uses of bark and fruit extracts for treating diseases caused by micro-organisms and as a remedy for skin cancer.

Bitter Leaf

Coantains  compounds from  extracts were able to inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells. Bitter l chemical compounds found in the bitter leaf herb are known as steroid glycosides – type vernonioside B1. These compounds possess potent anti- parasitic, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial effects.

Carica papaya

papaya leaf extract and its tea have dramatic cancer-fighting properties against a broad range of tumors, backing a belief held in a number of folk traditions. papaya ’s anticancer effect against tumors of the cervix, breast, liver, lung and pancreas.



cannabis sativa popularly known as Marijuana

Cannabis sativa is useful for psychoactive and medicinal purposes. Its main active ingredient, δ-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Cannabis sativa has been used as an antispasmodic to control coughing, as well as an anti-phlegmatic to dry up secretions such as excess phlegm (by acting as a expectorant) and diarrhea. Cannabis sativa is also used this way to relieve intraocular pressure caused by fluid buildup in the eye, and as a diuretic. There is also some evidence that Cannabis sativa may work directly to relieve some symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis



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Posted on: 2017 September 15

List of Private Hospitals in Nigeria


List of Private Hospitals in Nigeria

#hospital #medicalcentre #clinic

READ – Greenaira have only  verified the phone numbers of the hospitals listed below, use the list at your own discretion.  If you do require a specific service,  do get in touch. We might be able to provide additional information. If you wish to add your business, do get in touch.


 Example of a verified Business Listing  –   BUSINESS name,  Address  Location Phone numberVERIFIED

  1. Beluchukwu Memorial Hospital And Maternity Enugwu-Ukwu, Awka South, Anambra, Nigeria 08033798074
  2. Cedarcrest Hospitals, 4, Amurie Omanze Street, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria 2348095157914 , 234809515791
  3. Shield Specialists Hospital, 4, Trans Woji Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers, Nigeria 2348033122337, 2348099686479
  4. All Souls Clinic, 255, Ojo Road, Ajegunle, Lagos, Nigeria 23414713054 , 2348033142354
  5. Gold Cross Hospital 17B Bourdillon Road, Ikoyi , Lagos 0708 897 3399
  6. Assumpta Clinic And Maternity, 3 Charles Moduze Street, Awka, Awka South, Anambra, Nigeria 08037877265
  7. Faithcity Hospital, 29A Oju Olobun Close  Victoria Island 0704 199 2572
  8. First Hospital And Maternity – Dr. Emmanuel Egbuoga Avenue, Umuokpu Awka, Awka South, Anambra, Nigeria 08034727674
  9. Ndubuisi Hospital Limite – 3 ,Nwachukwu Avenue, Aba North, Abia, Nigeria 08034082314
  10. Rekky Hospital – 24 ,Abolore Street, Agege, Lagos, Nigeria 08023100632
  11. DLW Medical Centre – 35 ,35,Shiaba Street, Pen Cimena, Agege, Lagos, Nigeria 08030400532
  12. Living Word Mission Hospital – 7 ,Umuocham Road, Aba Town, Aba North, Abia, Nigeria 08037107249
  13. Belmont Specialist Hospital – Dr Obimeche Close, Igabi, Kaduna, Nigeria 08037042632
  14. Almu Memorial Hospital – Naibawa Road, Tarauni, Kano, Nigeria 08039215351
  15. U And D Natural Hospital – 241 ,Obohia Road, Aba Road, Aba North, Abia, Nigeria 08056657506
  16. Get Well Specialist Hospital – 51 ,Old Abeokuta Road, Agege, Lagos, Nigeria 08060805007
  17. Rose Of Sharon Specialist Hospital – Okwuogwugwu, Nnewichi Village, Nnewi North, Anambra, Nigeria 08033725410
  18. Emmanuel Health Clinic – 18 ,Atiko Street, Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria 08023816743
  19. Symbol Specialist Hospital – 34 ,Nnobi Road, Nnewi North, Anambra, Nigeria 08037252670
  20. Jamaa Hospital – 90 ,Sarkin Pawa Road, Samaru Zaira, Zaria, Kaduna, Nigeria 08035985653
  21. Symbol Specialist Hospital 34 ,Nnobi Road, Nnewi North, Anambra, Nigeria 08037252670
  22. Ave Maria Hospital – 52 ,Adetokunbo Ademola Street, Victoria Island, Eti-Osa, Lagos, Nigeria 08057968921
  23. The Light Specialist Hospital – The Light House,Onuchukwu Streetg, Umudim, Nnewi North, Anambra, Nigeria 08037029581
  24. Saint Anthony Catholic Hospital – Isuochi Umunneochi Area, Umu Nneochi, Abia, Nigeria 08056295111
  25. Where Health Clinic – 59 ,New Road, Sabon Gari, Fagge, Kano, Nigeria 08034532357
  26. Britannia Hospital – Plot 13, Block 91 ,Aliu Animashaun Avenue, Eti-Osa, Lagos, Nigeria 019504880
  27. Chi Chi Tender Care Hospital And Maternity – Umuokpara Road To Umumgbje, Ukwa West, Abia, Nigeria 08063953197
  28. Ademola Hospital – 1 ,Omowale Street, Ojo, Lagos, Nigeria 07031140079
  29. Dawakin Tofa General Hospital – Dawakin Tofa, Dawakin Tofa Local Government, Dawakin Tofa, Kano, Nigeria 08065674851
  30. Family Health Hospital – 29 ,Akobi Crescent Surulere, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria 08033034048
  31. Crest Specialist Hospital – Awka, Awka South, Anambra, Nigeria 08037158871
  32. Mc Royal Hospital – Sabon Gari, Kachia, Kaduna, Nigeria 08053077556
  33. Fertility Clinic – Suite B5 ,Awmar Plaza, Gudu District, Gudu, Abuja, Nigeria 08136307344
  34. Triumphal Clinic And Marternity – 106 ,New Hospital Road, Hausawa, Tarauni, Kano, Nigeria 08056352539
  35. Zolace Clinic And Hospital – 18 ,Olukole Steet , Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria 08023002788
  36. Rahama Clinic And Maternity Hospital – A.A. House ,Hausa Rijiyar Lemo, Katsina Road, Ungogo, Kano, Nigeria 08030543783
  37. Clehansan Hospital And Maternity 17 ,Osusu Street, Aba North, Abia, Nigeria 08024484899
  38. Rembo Specialist Hospital – Akamiri Road,Okpunoeze, Uruagu, Nnewi North, Anambra, Nigeria 08033392255
  39. General Hospital Kachia – Kaduna Kafancha Road, Kachia, Kaduna, Nigeria 07032442442
  40. Able God Hospital And Maternity – 3 ,St Philip Road, Karu, Abuja, Nigeria 07036492647



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