Review Nigeria Food Companies

1. Dangote Industries Limited

Marble House, 1A, Alfred Rewane Road, Falomo, Ikoyi, Lagos State, Nigeria01-7781482, 01-2695108-9 

A Nigerian food manufacturer and maker of dangote spaghetti, sugar, macaroni, noodles, tomato paste, salt, flour, milk and juice products.



2. AACE Food Processing & Distribution Ltd.

off Ijoko Road, Sango Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria+2348172013265, 08172013265

AACE Food Processing & Distribution Ltd. is an indigenous Nigerian company processing, packaging and distributing fruits, herbs, vegetables and cereals products.


3.Best Foods Global (Nigeria)

KM 42 Lekki Epe Express Way, Abijo, Lagos State, Nigeria+234(0)8066490653

Best Foods Global (Nigeria) Limited is a food processing company offering sales of seafood and pork products.


4. Dala Foods Nigeria Limited

Plot 85, Sharada Industrial Estate Phase 111, Kano, Kano State, Nigeria08023045770, 08044121234

A Nigerian based food processing company in Kano.


5. De-United Foods Industries

Km. 4, Idiroko Road, Otta, Ogun State, Nigeria+234 39 722265-66+234 39 722266

Manufacturers of indomie noodles in Nigeria.


6. Diamonds Foods Nigeria Limited


15 Creek Road Apapa, Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria+234 1 5877486

The Nigerian food processing company in Lagos.


7. Erisco Foods

Plot 2 Oyeleke Street, Oregun, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria+234- 813444000, +234-8091111222, +234- 1-7646292

Producing tomato paste in sachet (Nagiko), tomato paste (Ric-Giko), seasoning and recipes.


8. Foods & Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company Limited

6 Ijora Causeway, Ijora, Lagos State, Nigeria+234 1 5452729, 5452749


9. Golden Pasta (Div. Of Flour Mills Of Nigeria Plc)

47, Eric Moore Road, Iganmu, Lagos State, Nigeria08034619492, 08077614762

The service food Nigerian manufacturer of golden penny macaroni products.


10. Integrated Grain Processors (NIG) Limited

KM 5, Eke-Affa Road Eke, Udi LGA, Enugu, Enugu State, Nigeria234-803-757-0128, 234-803-406-8151

An Enugu based grain processing company in Nigeria.


11. Multi Pro Enterprises Limited

44, Jimoh Odutola Street, Iganmu Industrial Estate., Surulere., Lagos State.07055009868

Multi Pro Enterprises Limited is a Nigerian food service distribution center for the Indomie instant noodles.


12. Consolidated Food and Beverages Limited

KM 21 Lagos-Badagry E/way Okokomaiko Village, Okokomaiko, Lagos State, Nigeria+234 1 5452050-2, 5452059, 5451719

Food and beverage production service centre in Nigeria.


13. Northern Commodities & Food processors Limited

Suite 7, Mangal Plaza, Plot 1466, Ayangba Street, Area 11, Garki, FCT, Nigeria08027341722, 08033916270

A Nigerian food procesing company in Abuja.


14. Rosula Foods Limited

70 Adeniran Ogunsanya Street, Surulere, Lagos State, Nigeria+234 1 5851166, 5849465

A Lagos based food processing and production company in Nigeria.


15. Sino Food Nigeria Limited

35 Adeola Odeku Street, Victoria Island, Lagos State, Nigeria+234 1 2622288

Centre for food and beverage productions in Nigeria.


16. Tate Industries Limited

47/48, Eric More Road, Iganmu Industrial Estate, Iganmu, Lagos State, Nigeria01-801930-9

This service food processing center offers packing and cubing of granulated sugar.





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1. Addax Petroleum

2. Chevron

3. Conoco Philips

4. Total


6. Hardy Oil & Gas Plc

7. Nexen Inc

8. Petrobras

9. Shell

10. Statoil

11. Afren Energy Resources

1.2 Camac (Allied Energy Resources)

13. Conoil

14. Equator Exploration Limited

15. Express Petroleum & Gas Ltd 11 Alhaji Babatunde Jose Street Victoria Island (234 1 261-5115)

16. Dubri Oil Limited 8 Gabaro Close Victoria Island

17. Amni International Petroleum Development Company Ltd

18. Famfa Oil

19. Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation

20. Nigerian Petroleum Development Company Ltd

21. Oriental Energy Resources Limited

22. Pan Ocean Oil Corporation Nigeria

23. Sahara Group

24. Solgas Petroleum Limited 27/29 Adeyemo Alakija Street Victoria Island (234 1 262-0651)

25. South Atlantic Petroleum Ltd 105B Ajose Adeogun Street Victoria Island (234 1 2625516/7

26. Sunlink Petroleum Limited

27. Brawal Shipping (Oil)

28. Intels Services Nigeria

29. Ladol

30. Technip

31. Snake Island Integrated Free Zone

32. Department of Petroleum Resources

33. National Petroleum Investment Management Services

34. Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists

35. Petroleum Technology Association of Nigeria

36. CGG Veritas

37. First Fossil Nigeria

38. Global Energy Group

39. Mabon Limited

40. Petroleum Geo Services

41. Schlumberger

42. United Geo Physical

43. Fugro Nigeria Limited

44 Survicom

45. Ensco Drilling Company (Nigeria) Ltd 35 Maloney Street Lagos Nigeria

47. Noble Drilling

48. African Petroleum Oil Field Services

49. Ana Industries Limited

50. MI Swaco

51. Ariboil Company Limited

52. BJ Services Company

53 .Ciscon

54 Expro

55 Kasolute

56 Melvon

57 Oil Data

58 Oil Test Services

59 Petrolog

60 Roxar

61 Sowsco

62 Weafri

63 WOG Allied Services Nigeria Ltd

64 Zukus Industries Limited

65 Amosco

66 Bell Oil & Gas

67 B.G. Technical Ltd

68 Drillog Petro-Dynamics Ltd

69 Emex Systems

70 Socotherm Group

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Stop the next Boko Haram Movement

Yes, fellow Nigerians and Africans. How do we stop Boko Haram, we have to stop them and must stop them. For the sake of our country, our future and for humanity. We need to go to the source to stop it. We need to change the heart and minds of the next generation of youths. Of course, the military have to protect innocent and unarmed civilians. The answer is not in arms or  neither in violence. We win their hearts and mind by engaging with them. Easier said than done, especially saying this from a distance. The  Nigerian youths have to lead this movement. The politicians, religious leaders and sometimes the governments. They always have an agenda, using any situation to further their interest or their political ideology. Without really tackling the problem.

The youths are one group in a society that lacks secret agenda. The youth of this generation can use social media, Facebook, twitter .etc  Organize forum, conference, seminar….   etc  Lets  blogs and engage one another. Don’t be exploited by any group or party that have hidden agenda. For  a few  million naira or fake promises, some of the youths have been lead astray in to a twisted ideology. No true religion promotes violence, rape, kidnap, you name it. I am not saying the present group should not be stopped  by the military. But going  forward we need to win the hearts and minds of the youths. Poverty is not enough reason to join this group,  foster violence on your own people because of a promise of wealth, power.

Believing a twisted ideology, is time to  stop and think. People educate yourself,  we are one people. Religion, tribes, language, different political party,   those are TOOLS  of division. These are tools that have been use to exploit people for years, WAKE UP!!!, WAKE UP!!! fellow Nigerians. Wake up to the lies, the cynicism of these group of politicians, political or religious leaders. If they are so desperate for Power, let them fight their battles themselves.  I am not a fan of   president Goodluck Jonathan or current President Buhari. But this quote by Jonathan “My political ambition is not worth the blood of any Nigerian.”  This is a perfect quote for the time.

Nigeria is a very educated country, one of the most educated country in the world. Poverty is not an excuse to be exploited. People WAKE UP!!!!,  don’t be passive or a passenger, be active. Engage the youth, political group, whether at the university or college level. Lets us start a  non violent revolution of engaging the heart and minds of the next generation of youths. There is no religion that supports violence or God that support violence against innocent people.



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Simple tips on How to Speed up Windows PC

This simple tips applied to all windows  version.

i.  Ensure you not using IE, it can easily be hacked

ii. If you using Chrome, Firefox or Safari

– Ensure to disable bad Addon or remove them altogether

iii. Remove all toolbars or any one not necessary

iv. Delete your browsing history regurlarly

v. Ensure on windows startup, your firewall and antivirus are the items ticked.

if any other software, starts up on windows boot up e.g skype, etc  This will slow your boot up process

vi. Ensure you don’t have a big image as  desktop background saver

vii.  You can also optimise your computer for fast performance

– Control panel > System > Advanced System Settings > Advanced > Settings > Tick adjust for fast performance

viii.  Uinstall any unneeded software and remember to remove registry entries

– Yes, when you uninstall any software, there is always registries entries left. You can use CCleaner to remove the


ix. If you not running a high version of intel or have a huge hard disk space. Dont install  huge software e.g Graphic software etc

This takes huge ram space when launch and will slow your PC.

x. You can also  defragment overnight

xi. Note, when you hard drive is coming to end of life, it is normally slow. You have to replace it or get a new PC/Laptop.

You cant fix it.


xii. Ensure to run malware or Adware removal occasionally.


If this tips are followed properly, you will definitely increase the speed of your PC/Laptop





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nigerian politics

Nigerian Politics – Way Forward

Politics in Nigeria is very corrupt, this does not mean everyone is corrupt. But corruption runs through the entire nation, from high office to low office. There are different levels of  corruption in many  federal government organisation, states, local, private organization and many of the citizens participate in this culture.  Infact, corruption has become a way of life for many, it is ingrain in the psyche of many. The question is Nigerian Politics –  what is the Way Forward?

Many are now blind to the effect, from top to bottom. The violence, poverty, disease, malnutrition, lack of health care, lack of education, simply lack of anything good for over half the population of the country.   But the BIG question is, what is the way forward. If the people truly turn to God, he can change the nation and the heart of the leaders/people. I am not talking about going to church on sunday, but turning their heart/mind to God.

The country need a CULTURE change, now it seems it is fashionable to be corrupt and be living the high life, while many  of your fellow citizens remains in stark poverty.   Lack of the fear of God, lack of love, lack of understanding of what it really means to live a good life. Stealing money meant to pay salary for thousands of workers or money meant to build schools/roads for the larger good of everyone.  This is stupidity of the highest level.   It is time for good people to stand up and say it is not fashionable ” to see government officials living the high life” while the nation infrastructure crumbles.

I am not asking for a revolution, but when it becomes the new culture, the new life style, new fashion, talk of the town, people tweeting, whatsApp, facebooking, etc   We will start to change the mind of people, that is what we need. Changing the “Mind”, “heart”, “altitude”, “culture” of our fellow Nigerians, things will start changing.   We don’t need  a protest, lets start changing the heart of people today for a better tomorrow.   I welcome comment and suggestions



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Info-Tech Blog

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Educational Phones For Children age 2 and above

This is new and very hot.
Let your child have unfair advantage over their peers by buying them these educational phones that has the largest collection of learning educational videos, audio books, PDF books, mobile Learning apps.
The subjects include: Mathematics, sciences, kiddies motivation, educational games etc.
This is a great opportunity to improve your child’s performance in school exams. With the Educational Phones For Children age 2 and above

Phone features:
Android 4.4
CPU: 1ghz
ROM: 4gb
Memory: 8gb
Dual camera: 5.0MP/3.0MP
Screen: 4″
Price: 15,500 naira
To get copies of this fantastic educational phones call 07064412838 now.
Don’t let your kids spoil your expensive phone for you buy their own edu-phone for them.
Edu-phones comes with 12month warranty.




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Quality And Affordable Stone Coated Roofing Tiles.

I appreciate the opportunity to introduce our Company (Batlan Concept Interior and Exterior Limited). The company was formed to provide general importation, sales and supplies of building materials.Batlan Concept Interior and Exterior Limited is a licensed company in Federal Republic of Nigeria for Wholesale, retail and supply of building materials all over Nigeria such as Stone Coated roofing tiles, step-tile aluminum composite panel. We have been involved in the sales of building materials since 2006 and we have personally supplied notable companies, engineers and property owners. We take pride in the fact that all product supplied by our company are of good qualities (European, Korean and American standard). Our supplies and deliveries have always been completed on time and in safe and professional manner.

Batlan Concept Interior and Exterior Limited have good and reliable staffs that listen and attend to our clients needs and request in a professional manner. We provide safety awareness to our client, on issues relating to the handling of some delicate products on site.
The most important part of Batlan Concept Interior and Exterior Limited is our employees. Our people care about product quality. They take the extra step to ensure quality supply.

All our products are fully guaranteed and we would sincerely appreciate an opportunity to work with you on your future project(s) where our services would be of value.

Our quality stone coated roofing tiles are from DS Rooftile, South Korea with 50years warranty. The prices and the designs includes:

1. DS BOND (Gauge: 0.55mm, warranty: 50years, price: #2,600 per square meter).

2. DS CLASSIC (Gauge: 0.55mm, warranty: 50years, price: #2,600 per square meter).

3. DS SHINGLE (Two color) (Gauge: 0.55mm, warranty: 50years, price: #2,900 per square meter).

4. DS ROMAN (Gauge: 0.55mm, warranty: 50years, price: #2,700 per square meter).

5. DS SHINGLE (One color) (Gauge: 0.55mm, warranty: 50years, price: #2,600 per square meter).

6. DS SHAKE (Gauge: 0.55m, warranty: 50years, price: #2,600 per square meter).


1. DS Angle ridge cap (Length: 1m, price: #1,300).

2. DS Valley gutter (Length: 1m, price: #1,400).

3.DS Facial cover (Length: 1m, price: #1,400).

4. DS Bash board (Length: 1m, price: #1,300).

5. DS Treated nails per Kg, price: #1,200.

6. DS Repair kits per set, price: #5,000.

Characteristics of our quality stone coated roofing tiles includes:

.Light weight: It is eight times lighter than concrete tiles and a half of the average composition.

.Wind resistance: Interlocking panel system offers extraordinary resistance to wind uplift.

.Fire resistance: Our roofing panel are non-combustible and safe from exposure to airborne burning cinders.

.Attractive appearance: Appearance for our DS roofing has the premium presentation to satisfy the most discriminating homeowners.

.Longevity: Our DS stone coated roofing tiles are of fifty(50) years warranty.


HEAD OFFICE: Suite 9-12, Queens Shopping Plaza.Klm 45, Lekki-Epe Expressway, Opposite Safeway, Sangotedo-Ajah, Lagos, Nigeria.

ABK BRANCH: Suite 4, Shoyemi complex, Opp KAAB petrol station, Leme, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria.

PH BRANCH: 608, Ikwere Road, by mcc second gate bus stop, Rumuigbo, Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

WAREHOUSE: Klm 65, Lekki-Epe Express way, Aiyeteju, Lagos, Nigeria.

For your quality stone coated roofing tiles from DS Rooftile, South Korea.


N.B: Picture attached are some of our projects & samples of some of our quality DS stone-coated roofing tiles at Batlan Concept Interior & Exterior Limited.



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nigeria advertise

Make Real Money as a Self Employed

Have you been unemployed for awhile now, there is a quick and genuine way out. Become self employed. You can make real money as a Self Employed.

Yes, become a self employed. All you need is a skill or  a passion.

From experience, i realize the first obstacle is your thought. Different thought will run through your mind.

  • What will people think?
  • If i wait a bit am i get a proper job
  • Can i really make money
  • Can i make enough…..

Lot of doubts, some people might be overcome by this. While some people wont know where to start. The answer is start immediately. You will make mistakes, but  you will be better for it in the long run.

The truth  is that you have nothing to lose. If you do decide to, after only a few days. You will have learn a lot about yourself and about been an enterprenuer.  Even if you finally get a permanent job. You lose nothing.

If you have a skill, immediately start selling that skill as a service or as a product. Do you have skill in cake baking, bake and start selling. Speak to close contacts, family, friends, neighbors, church members, people in your local community or advertise yourself on Greenaira.

Always start small, be patient and always thrive to improve your skill.  Do self training, discipline yourself and always keep yourself abreast with the latest  information in whatever area you have choosen to unleash your skill or passion.

Be warned,  you will experience setback and disappointment, but there are all part of been a self -employed. You must improve your people skill and always try to look at things from your customers perspective. This will enable you to deliver exactly what your target audience are expecting.

Lastly, always make a good impression, be honest about your skill, and always push to deliver your best.  This is how you get repeat customers. Now they can trust you and your product or whatever service you offering. Before you know it, you would have build a customer based and a business. You will stop looking for a job and continue working on your passion and earning money.


Do not delay, start now and start earning.



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