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Nigeria ISP Internet Broadband service providers Real Speed

Posted by: | December 13, 2015


Nigeria ISP  Internet Broadband  service providers Real Speed

Check Your Real Internet Speed in Nigeria 

There several broadband service providers  in Nigeria, offering various level of internet speed. Some good and some not so good a service.

We all need  fast internet service to  download, upload, watch movie, research or for general browsing.

Slow internet speed can be very frustrating , the service you get from  broadband providers can vary massively.

We have compiled a list of fast internet service providers in Nigeria. This list is just a guide.

Sometimes, it is not about the cost of the service, it depend on the company offering the service. Some company offer good internet speed for a relatively moderate cost.  Some big companies relies on their name and offer a relatively poor service for a higher cost  for   broadband access.

List of ISP broadband internet service providers in Nigeria and their Average download  speed they offer.


Netcom Africa Limited 1.2 Mbps

Galaxy Backbone Plc 1.3Mbps

MTN Nigeria 3 Mbps


MainOne Cable Company 2.3 Mbps

IPNXng 3.7 Mbps

Suburban Telecom 5.2 Mbps


NGCOM 1.7 Mbps

Wireless Broadband Internet service 875 Kbps

Coollink 2.6 Mbps

Swifttalk Limited (NG) 1.2 Mbps

Mobitel Nigeria Limited 526 Kbps

EMTS Limited / Etisalat Nigeria 1.9 Mbps

Globacom Limited 2 Mbps

Netcom Africa Limited  1.2 Mbps

Airtel Networks Nigeria Ltd  526 Kbps


Your actual Browsing speed depends on

End-User Hardware Issues: If you have an old router that just can’t keep up with modern speeds or a poorly configured Wi-Fi connection that’s being slowed down by interference, you won’t actually experience the connection speeds you’re paying for — and that’s not the Internet service provider’s fault.


Distance From ISP: The further you are away from your Internet service provider’s hardware, the weaker your signal can become. If you’re in a city, you’re likely to have a faster connection than you would in the middle of the village.


Congestion: Congestion from your ISP provider. This is more common in Lagos with  high internet users. When ISP accept more users than their equipment capacity.

This is also true if you share your internet connect at home or in the office with colleagues. You will compete for the available bandwidth.

Time of Day: During  peak hours ( 8am -6pm) you may experience slower speeds at these times. Due to the high volume of users

Throttling; Your Internet service provider may slow down (or “throttle”) certain types of traffic, such as peer-to-peer traffic. Even if they advertise “unlimited” usage, they may slow down your connection for the rest of the month after you hit a certain amount of data downloaded.


Server-Side Issues: Your download speeds don’t just depend on your Internet service provider’s advertised speeds. They also depend on the speeds of the servers you’re downloading from and the routers in between. For example, if you’re in the US and experience slowness when downloading something from a website in Europe, it may not be your Internet service provider’s fault at all — it may be because the website in Europe has a slow connection or the data is being slowed down at one of the routers in between you and the European servers.
Many factors can impact Internet connection speed, and it’s hard to know which is the precise problem.

Nevertheless, in real-life usage, you’ll generally experience slower speeds than your Internet service provider advertises.

The majority of internet users in Nigeria  are based in Lagos, next Abuja, Kaduna and other states in Nigeria are barely minimum. This generally means lot of traffic in Lagos state and many users might experience a slower speed compared to other states with low internet users. Nigeria internet  usage  information  is  from Facebook advertising stats.









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