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nigeria real estate

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Posted by: | August 19, 2016

Posted on: 2016 August 19
african tradition culture modernisation innovation versus

Tradition Versus Innovation

Tradition Versus Innovation, modernization, reasoning etc

I struggled with the title because many people don’t like the word modernization, they believe it means western values. Definitely not in this context, instead i opted for innovation.

Tradition is the customs beliefs and cultural practices that are past down from one generation to the next. While Modernity refers to the present time or the recent past.
There are daily clashes between both. Often you hear people say I am a traditionalist when it comes to e.g relationship or family life. When it comes to education, it is the other way round. People pick and choose the ones which are  convenient to their needs.

In some community, tribes,  culture and tradition still plays a big part in how people live their lives.  We will look into some of this areas and contrast it with today society.

Family life

The traditional family usually comprises of the nuclear family, not just the mother, father and lot of kids. But grandparents and other extend member of the family.

The modern family are usually father, mother and one 1 or 2 kids. Leaving far away from their parent or other extended family members

In traditionally families, children grow up more happier, more people to play with and many role models.


Traditionally men control the women and they are made to feel beneath. Not equal to the man. The women are meant to clean, cook and do all the domestic chores, while the man goes out to work. In some asian cultures, the woman have to walk behind the man, even in the car. The ladies must sit at the back seat, leaving the front passenger seat empty.

Despite modernisation, some people still choose to leave this way. It is not even practical in today urban society, Where everyone works. In my opinion, man should be the head but couples are equal and should share the domestic chores.

Ceremony – Wedding, funerals

In many African culture, the wedding ceremony and the dressing attire is rooted in many years of cultural history.
In the Asian contintent, many india ceremony,is still deep rooted in their culture. The clothing etc

In some tradition, wedding ceremony are usually massive.  Sometimes it last for days. My niece just got married and the tradition in the groom place. Every body must wear same attire,  you can imagine the hassle. In india, some weddings last up to 7 days.  Same with funerals, it last for days in most african culture and  in some cases everybody have to wear a matching attire.

Most modern weddings is one day. Court/church and reception.  Same with modern funerals, just one day.

Both events are huge, but with reasoning. One must come to the conclusion of the purpose of these event and a 1 day event is most appropriate.


This can be very controversial, but sometimes people seems to drop their sense of reasoning and go with how their parents use to worship or not.

Traditional Chiefs or Rulers

Are these rulers still relevant in today society. We have the courts for mediation or arbitration. The elected council, state legislature and governors that runs state affairs.  Struggling to find their relevance.


You have to love the different traditional attire, from east to west, north to south. The African continent to asia.

Lots of colourful traditional attire with lots of stories behind each.

In contrast to innovation in fashion, there have been good and bad. With knowledge of fabrics and colour, we have many practical and convenient clothing.

With fashion a mix of both tradition and  the new works well. It is all about timing, practicality and convenience.

Wearing agbada or suit in the sun is very inconvenient.


There is no contest, everyone usually opt for modern.


More often than not, there are many cultural practises that are no longer relevant. Without naming a particular thing in our culture or tradition, I think is time we do away those practises that does not add value or that were used as a form of control mechanism or oppression.

Whilst doing this, we should not blindly embrace modernism or innovation. It is has many pitfalls, the pursuit or love of money. The unlimited hours of work at the detriment of family life.

We do need to be a bit more objective when looking at our traditions and cultures and be willing to disregard things that do not benefit us. We should cultivate the creativity within ourselves to help our land and take ideas from cultures all over the world and not just the west.




Posted by: | August 17, 2016

Posted on: 2016 August 17
nigeria job recuitment

Buy Recruitment Website

What is on Sale

Fully Loaded Job portal with admin, Employer and Jobseeker dashboard. Fully integrated payment system, messaging system and CV Upload functionality.

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This is not your ordinary recruitment site. It is Job Portal, with

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Note : Payment system does not have   escrow feature


Admin Dashboard – To fully manage the whole site features

Employer Dashboard – To post all Kinds of Jobs (Full, part time, contract or a one off job).

To hire, communicate and make payment for jobs

Jobseeker dashboard – To bid for jobs and raises invoices

Messaging system   – For communication between employer and freelancer.

Payment system – You can pay via secure voguepay system (It Supports all major credit cards). For Jobseekers to receive payment you need to update your person details with your voguepay merchant ID.



  1. CV Upload – Site have a CV upload functionality, which you can use  to recruit qualified candidates for clients.


  1. You can charge companies posting full time job.


  1. Fee charge to both employer and jobseeker for remote jobs, where payments must be done online. 10% is charge to Job poster and when job is completed. 10% is also charge to freelancer/jobseeker. This is what the major Freelancing companies do – PPH, Upwork, Elance, Guru etc)


  1. Usually as time passes by, you will find more ways of generating revenue.


Financial projections.

Based on the Nigerian Population of over  1.7 million and the working percentage

After the initial 1 month promotion


I forsee  in the first 6 month, monthly  income from the site in the region of  ( N0.1 – N0.2 MILLION)

6 month Monthly income from the site (N0.5 – N1M)


It all depends on your marketing style and your reach. The more people you reach, the more client.



Over 1 year


Markets competitors





Most of our competitor don’t have a robust platform. Only justfrom5k look robust. The market size is large enough for many players.

The others their site are basic.



  • Small, medium and big companies
  • Individuals
  • Govt
  • Anyone that need any service done e.g gardening etc


The job portal is not location restricted. The target market is large but most sales will come from Lagos, Abuja, and most of the south western states ( oyo, ogun etc)



I am selling because am too busy to run it. The possibility of success is very high because the site is multi functional. Easy to use,  by novice or non tech users can navigate through it easily. Plus huge potential for more revenue sources.



But depends on buying fee can be extended and additional features added to fit in to new buyers perspective


More details can be provided for interested buyers
Email -info@greenaira.com
Live chat on greenaira.com
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Posted by: | August 6, 2016

Posted on: 2016 August 6
nigeria computer retailers

List of Computer Retailers in Nigeria


READ – Greenaira have only  verified the phone numbers on the  list below, use the list at your own discretion.  If you do require a specific service,  do get in touch. We might be able to provide additional information. If you wish to add your business, do get in touch

 Example of a verified Business Listing  –   BUSINESS name,  Address  Location Phone number – VERIFIED


1. http://westgate.com.ng/   Tel: 08035315592, 08099333533

2. Computer Services – Warehouse 03-09 , Nigerian Army Shopping Arena, Agege Motor Road, Bolade Bus Stop, Oshodi. · +234 806 555 0510.

3. IT Council –  Computer store,  +234 905 194 7707

4. Dreamworks Integrated Systems Limited –  5 Oremeji Street beside Skye Bank, computer Village Ikeja.

5.  Cheapgadgets – Lagos, Nigeria · +234 818 201 2345

6. Used UK laptops, Tel – 08096803338.  51 Ago Palace-way, Okota, Lagos. Slightly opposite a Diamond Bank.

7. New Orbit Brand Ltd, Otigba Street, Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos · +234 908 221 4219

8. Netvest Connect –  48 Sokoto plaza, Trade fair Complex, Badagry Express Way · +234 803 362 3759

9.  Pacific Network Online – Simbiat Abiola Road Ikeja, Lagos. · +234 703 337 9666

10. Alvi-Net – Block 505 Nimeth Quarters kodesho street, beside Ikeja Shopping Plaza, by general hospital round about Ikeja Lagos Nigeria · +234 803 335 3943

11. Genuss – 13 Adepele Street ,off Medical Road,Computer Village · +234 811 926 3978

12. Royal Store, 42, Awolowo Way, Ikeja, · +234 806 370 4541

13.Gimel TECH Int’l – c/o PASS.NG – 38, Olonade Street, Off Yaba/Oyingbo Road, · +234 816 999 8252.

14.   Amazing Grace Computers – 76, Iwo Road, Ibadan · +234 802 327 1294 · Always open

15. Raja – 2, Alhaji Masha Rd, Masha, Surulere, Lagos · +234 802 932 6700

16. Buy Used UK Laptops in Lagos, 51 Ago Palace way, okota · +234 809 680 3338.

17.  Ambassadors Technology Distribution – 15A Francis Oremeji Str./28 Otigba Str.Computer Village off medical Rd  +234 809 220 2719

18. Oludigital Ventures – 488, Ikorodu Road, · +234 806 037 1100.

19.  Mojoy Computers 13 Oshitelu Street, Ikeja · +234 805 369 8403.

20. Cardz Planet Ltd. – 9 Obe Street, off Alli Street, Tinubu Square, Lagos Island · +234 803 055 3953

21.  Best of Konga Deals  – 40A, Town Planning way, Yaba · +234 809 460 5555

22. Esolutionz Technologies Services – No 2 Aremu Street, off Ali dada street · +234 809 231 6492 ·

23. http://techmall.com.ng/ Tel – 08023336888 08036649000

24. http://dreamworksdirect.com/. – 09029287364, 09028751548, 09029287351



Posted by: | August 3, 2016

Posted on: 2016 August 3
nigeria commodity market

Dont Trade in Commodities Before Reading

Don’t Trade in Commodities Before Reading

Commodities are natural resources that have a global market, most of which fall into four categories of trading commodities which include: Energy (including crude oil, heating oil, natural gas and gasoline) Metals (including gold, silver, platinum and copper) Livestock and Meat (including lean hogs, pork bellies, live cattle and feeder cattle) Agricultural (including corn, soybeans, wheat, rice, cocoa, coffee, cotton and sugar).

Most commodities have a limited geographic distribution. Only certain nations, regions, or companies have economic access to these specific resources, but virtually every region needs the resources. Hence, a large global market has developed to enable the distribution of commodities from their most economical sources to where it is needed.

Commodities are physical assets and include metals such as gold, silver and copper, oil and gas, and so-called ‘soft’ commodities such as wheat, sugar and cocoa bean etc

Investment into  commodity such as precious metals has grown  significantly over the past decade, While gold has acted as a store of value for thousands of years, the recent performance of precious metals, their diversification benefits and inflationary concerns have restarted the discussion of this investment in commodity market.

Commodity prices have almost tripled over the previous decade.

Getting involve  in commodities usually involves buying physical assets, such as gold coins or bars. This can be expensive, including the cost of storage and insurance. It is wise to buy at a low price but this can be difficult to achieve, particularly when buying in small quantities.

Investing in commodity,  such as oil and gas is by  buying  shares in companies such as BP, Royal Dutch Shell or Tullow Oil. The same applies to ‘soft’ commodity companies.

Other ways of accessing the commodity market is via   investment fund. This  is an easy way to access the commodity sector because there provide a degree of diversification.  They will typically invest directly in a variety of commodities as well as in production companies.

Some other ways of  investing in the commodity market is via Passive funds.  This  have also risen in popularity over the past few years, with ETPs (exchange traded products) becoming a viable way to access commodities either indirectly or directly.

Equity-based commodity exchange traded funds invest in shares of commodity companies, whereas exchange traded commodities  are instruments that track the price of the commodity or a basket of commodities.

However, ETFs only track an index such as oil futures, so there is little room for manoeuvre.


Commodity prices, like the prices of everything else, depends on supply and demand. Increased demand and lower supply increases prices, and vice versa. And because the supply-demand equilibrium for any commodity continually changes, so does its price.

Need to know before Trading Commodity

1. SEASON – The prices of many commodities are  affected by the season, especially agricultural products. For instance, corn usually peaks in March and April before the growing season, and reaches a low in September and October.

Also crude oil prices tend to rise in the summer because of increased driving for vacations, while natural gas peaks in the winter since its main use is to heat homes.

2. Inflation – Commodities like real estate is a  natural hedge against inflation. In fact, a rise in commodity prices may be the 1st sign of inflation. Indeed, if rapid inflation seems imminent, then commodities may rise even faster, because people will be moving money out of investments that don’t offer a hedge against inflation to the commodity markets to protect their assets.

As people moved much of their money out of stocks, bonds, and real estate, they moved some of it into the commodities market, which pushed up the prices of commodities, and further depressed stock prices because the profits of many companies are diminished when commodity prices are higher. This was the primary reason why oil prices increased 150% during the spring and summer of 2008 and naturally this increases costs for most companies, since virtually every depends on oil to some extent.

3. Weather/Forecasting –  forecast of a colder than normal winter may cause the price of frozen orange juice to shoot up or the threat of another war in Nigeria or the Middle East may cause oil prices to spike or the threat of hurricanes that can limit oil refining can cause the price of gasoline to spike, which happened after Hurricane Katrina damaged oil refineries in the Gulf of Mexico. During the spring and summer of 2008 crude oil went from under $100 per barrel to almost $150 per barrel due mostly to speculation.

4. Political – There are also geopolitical risks with many commodities. Events in countries of major suppliers of commodities can cause the prices of commodities to gyrate wildly from day-to-day, such as happens to oil prices whenever there is civil conflict in Nigeria that may threaten the supply of oil. A major geopolitical risk for companies that extract natural resources is the threat of nationalization or major increases in taxes. For instance, in 2006, Bolivia nationalized the natural gas industry, and expelled the foreigners of companies that were extracting and processing their natural gas.

5. Currency fluctuation – Another major risk is currency risk, where the value of the currency used to buy the commodity can decline with respect to the currencies of the major suppliers of that commodity. For instance, when the value of the United States dollar declines against major currencies, the price of oil increases.

Hence, to be successful  intimate knowledge of both the commodity and its market is necessary. Success also requires constant monitoring of  news that may affect the supply and demand of the commodity, since the price depends on it.





Posted by: | August 1, 2016

Posted on: 2016 August 1
Nigerian stock exchange

Dont Buy Stock before Reading

Dont Buy Stock before Reading

Stock simply means the share of ownership in a company’s assets, profits or earnings. Meaning when you buy and own a stock, then you own part of that company whose stock you bought. You now  have a share in her assets and profits relating to the amount of the stocks which you  have bought.

Be warned stock exchange can be risky. There is no guarantee on individual stocks in the stock market, when the stock goes bankrupt then your investment is worth zero.

Before buying Stock

A stock might look tempting at the moment but how will the stock look like in the next one or two years.

Will it keep  appreciating?  Your ability to predict the appreciation in the market performance of a stock is very important here.

Look out  for the stock that is trading heavily at the moment. The quantity traded and value of shares.

Understanding the financial market and  been able to interpret financial figures and tables/graphs.

Research, research and more research the market  Capitalization of a company – It is the current share price multiplied by all outstanding shares. This gives you a general idea of the size of a company. 

Price to Earnings Ratio :   It is the  price to earnings of a  company’s current share price divided by its EPS. This amount will show you about what investors are willing to pay per dollar of earnings. It can also be used as a metric to determine how much a company is over or undervalued.

Growth stock – The basic idea behind a growth stock is that you want to buy it when it’s not worth much and then sell it when it’s worth a lot. A growth stock investment strategy attempts to find companies that are already experiencing high growth and are expected to continue to do so into the foreseeable future. 

Only invest money you willing to lose, don’t invest your life saving.

Analyse  company financial statement. Check to see how well the company was doing in the recent past, this will give you an idea of how the future of a company will likely shape in few months.




Posted by: | July 30, 2016

Posted on: 2016 July 30