About Us

Greenaira is a  Nigerian Business Advertising platform for Nigerian business to advertise, sell, buy goods and services. We make it easy for all Nigerians to sell, buy Advertise their goods and Services. They can Post or Advertise their services on our platform  and reach millions of their fellow citizens and the entire internet community.  The team behind Greenaira are  very experience in the IT industry.

With many years industry experience, we have worked with many companies in various  sectors across the globe. We  have help grow different business from infancy to global level.

The team can  also assist you boost your sales, if your busiess  is not firing on all cylinders, drop us an email to find out how  we can help you increase sales in  1 week.

The team at Greenaira understand the customers is at the heart of any business, if the business is to succeed.  This has lead  us to make the site very user-friendly. We have covered all the 36 states in Nigeria, no one is left behind.

Greenaira platform can be accessed from  desktop and all mobile devices. We will be covering as many categories as possible, from the popular,  Jobs, Property, Motors, Media, events, education, fashion to the unpopular Laborers, gardeners etc.

We have made it easier to get in touch with us, via telephone, Facebook, twitter and live chat during working hours. Our marketing department can also be reached on our designated company  phone number. If you want to visit our office, we are based at Lekki, Ajah Lagos  State Nigeria.

As we grow, we guarantee our goals will remain the same. Creating  successful business connections between everyday Nigerians, to be able  to do B2B or B2P trade easily.